How do I install the Compass System?

You can download and install the Compass software from http://www.zytocompass.com/install.aspx

What if I have forgotten my Compass Username or Password?

You can easliy retrieve your username or reset your password online. Please go to the
My Account page, click on the 'Having trouble signing in?' link and follow the instructions. If you continue having problems please call Technical Support.

System Requirements
The Compass software is cutting edge technology and requires a computer that meets certain system requirements. Please review the Requirements below to make sure that you have a computer that is compatible.

  • 1 GHz Processor or Better
  • Windows Vista or Windows 7 or Windows 8
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • USB 2.0 port
  • 40 GB hard Drive w/1 GB available for ZYTO software
  • Monitor that supports 1024 x 600 or higher
  • Windows Media Player 11 or newer
  • High Speed Internet Connection (DSL or Cable Modem). 56K Modem is NOT RECOMMENDED and is NOT GUARANTEED to work
  • Video Card with minimum of 60 MB of RAM supporting DirectX 9.0 or higher
  • No FAT32 partition on hard drive
  • Does not run on a Mac
How much does the Compass System cost?

The initial purchase price is $399 (USD) plus shipping and a then a monthly subscription fee of $39.95 (USD) a month.

How is the monthly subscription fee paid?

When you purchase the Compass System you will have to provide a credit or debit card. The monthly subscription is automatically charged to that card each month. You can change or cancel that card at any time by contacting ZYTO.

What does the subscription cover?

The monthly subscription fee covers the cost of technical support and training for the life of your subscription. It also maintains your warranty of the hardware and keeps you eligible for free replacements if your hardware should ever malfunction. With the subscription fee you are also guaranteed continuous program updates, the latest version of the Compass Software, and client record data backup on a HIPAA compliant server. Furthermore, ZYTO works to help promote your business by providing marketing materials.

How easy is it to use? What training support does ZYTO provide?

The Compass System is designed to be easy to learn and use. Most new users of the Compass report being able to fully use the system after just a few test scans. Additionally, the Compass website includes links to the Compass user manual, video tutorials and additional training resources to help you get started.

Are the results reproducible? How long should I wait in between scans?

ZYTO technology measures the most rapidly changing field in the body, the energetic field, which processes 400 million impulses of information per second. When dealing with complex mind-body systems, repeatable measurements are not always expected. However, in most instances successive assessments will produce comparative results; each assessment will present a picture that is comparative in a meaningful way to the other assessments. Health professionals and others with ZYTO assessment experience learn that results obtained from the first assessment are valid and the most accurate.

In order to receive the most accurate results on subsequent scans you need to wait at least three days before scanning a person a second time. Your average client should be scanned about once every few weeks although many users prefer once per month.

Can the technology be used to treat or diagnose?

No. ZYTO technology does not treat, cure or diagnose. It is a tool designed to assist the individual in finding the body’s preference for any list of items. This information is used to make better decisions about personal health and preference for nutritional supplements. Even though this information has obvious value, the results of a Compass assessment are not diagnostic.

Do I need to have the internet to run the Compass software?

No. You will need to be connected to the internet for the initial download of the software. You will also need to launch the Compass software at least once a month while connected to the internet in order to keep your software license current. However, at all other times the Compass software runs with or without an internet connection.

Is this an MLM?

No. ZYTO and the Compass System works with various MLM companies to provide their product samples and information in the Compass Software. However, ZYTO and the Compass System are not organized as and do not function as an MLM company.

Is it possible to get more than one Product Company on the Compass?

The Compass software only functions with one Product Company at a time. However, you can purchase a second system with a different Product Company if you so choose.

What is the Affiliate Program?

The Affiliate Program is a program that allows you to refer the Compass System to potential purchasers and receive a $100 referral bonus for each subsequent sale.

How can I become an Affiliate?

For more information and to sign up for the Affiliate Program visit the Affiliate Webpage.

Can I buy additional ZYTO Hand Cradles?

The Compass System comes with one license and one ZYTO Hand Cradle. Additional ZYTO Hand Cradles are not available for purchase.

Can you use this on small children?

Yes. For small children you simply want to make sure that they are able to make contact with all six of the connector points on the ZYTO Hand Cradle. This is often possible if they put both hands on the cradle. If the child cannot cover all of the connector points with their hands you can instead place the ZYTO Hand Cradle on the abdomen of the child.

What companies are available with the Compass?

  • 4Life
  • Améo / Zija International
  • Be Young
  • dōTERRA
  • Forever Green
  • Forever Living
  • Good Herbs
  • Innerlight
  • Nature Rich Inc.
  • Nature's Sunshine
  • New Sun
  • Symmetry Direct
  • VEO Natural
  • Waiora USA, Inc
  • Youngevity
  • Young Living

Can I transfer my ZYTO Compass license to another person?

Yes. The original owner of the ZYTO Compass needs to send an e-mail to ZYTO confirming they authorize the transfer. The new owner will need to fill out and return a completed transfer agreement. There is an administration transfer fee of $150 that the new owner will cover. The first monthly fee of $39.95 is also charged at the time of the transfer. The total of the initial transaction for the new owner is $189.95.

Please contact ZYTO at 801-224-7199 to have the transfer agreement e-mailed to you. Transfers are done Monday – Thursday. Transfers take up to one business day to complete from the time ZYTO receives all of the required information from both the new and previous owners.

Can I transfer the product line currently programmed in my ZYTO Compass to a different product line?

Yes. You will need to fill out and return a transfer agreement. There is an administration transfer fee of $150.

Please contact ZYTO at 801-224-7199 to have the transfer agreement e-mailed to you. Transfers are done Monday – Thursday. Transfers take up to one business day to complete from the time ZYTO receives the transfer agreement back.

Compass Software Terms and Conditions

Click here to view the Compass Software Terms and Conditions