What is the ZYTO Compass?

The original wellness scanner that provides individuals insights about their biological coherence to nutritional products, oils, and supplements.

How does a scan work?

Visit our How a Scan Works page for a detailed explanation.

Why should I own a Compass?

Compass will help point you in the right direction for overall wellness while building your downline and selling more product.

The ZYTO Compass is $399 US + shipping. After the first month, you are automatically charged a monthly subscription fee of $39.95 US. The monthly subscription is not part of a contract; you may place your account on hold, stopping the monthly billing, and then reactivate it at any time. Please note that deactivating the subscription will also deactivate your Compass software.
For US shipping: The Hand Cradle is shipped UPS Ground unless otherwise specified at the time of purchase. Extra shipping charges will apply for expedited-shipping options. You also have the option to ship USPS. For shipping outside the US: We currently ship to a limited number of countries outside the US. If you are unable to complete the order please contact Sales for additional support. The Compass software is available for download via the Internet. After your order is processed you will receive an email with your username and will need to create your password in order to log in to the software and claim your license.
The subscription fee is automatically charged each month to the debit or credit card that is associated with your account. You can update or edit your billing information at anytime from your online Dashboard.
The monthly subscription fee allows ZYTO to provide Compass customers with unlimited scanning, ongoing software maintenance and upgrades, full access to one-on-one and online training resources, along with customer and technical support.
Yes. The monthly subscription fee is charged automatically and not based on usage. However, there is no contract so you may place your account on hold and reactivate it at any time. To put your account on hold, please contact Account Services.
No. When you place your account on hold, you will be able to continue using it for the full 30 days that you have already paid for. For example, if your payment went through on the 15th and you placed your license on hold any day after that, you would still be able to use your Compass until the 15th of the following month. When you reactivate your account, you will again pay the $39.95 US for the next 30 days. To reactivate your subscription, please contact Account Services.
We currently offer the following product company libraries:
  • 4Life
  • Améo
  • Zija International
  • Be Young
  • dōTERRA
  • Forever Green
  • Forever Living
  • Good Herbs
  • Innerlight
  • Nature Rich Inc.
  • Nature's Sunshine
  • New Sun
  • Symmetry Direct
  • VEO Natural
  • Waiora USA, Inc.
  • Youngevity
  • Young Living
To suggest expanding the Compass program to include your company, complete the Library Request form.
Yes, you can purchase a second product line for $150.00 US. This purchase affects your software only and will not include a second Hand Cradle.
Yes, you are welcome to purchase multiple Compass systems at the regular price of $399.00 US + shipping. In fact, when making additional purchases, we recommend that you use your own referral link (or if calling to place your order, use yourself as the referral) to receive the $100.00 US referral bonus – thus discounting your order. Note that you will also pay the monthly $39.95 US subscription fee for each additional system.
We do not accept returns. However, you can activate and deactivate your account at any time in order to manage monthly subscription payments. Complete information can be found in the software Terms & Conditions. If you need to return an item for warranty purposes, please contact Customer Support to receive an RGA number (a required warranty-authorization number)
Feel free to review our product comparison chart to learn more about our other software offerings and their features.
Customer training resources include the user’s manual and a series of online training videos to help you familiarize yourself with the software. In addition, we offer live webinars and training sessions. You can also customize specific Compass training for you, your group, or your downline. Contact Account Services to schedule your custom training.
The Compass software is designed to be easy to learn and use. Most new customers report being fully able to use the system after just a few test scans. Additionally, customer training resources are available online including the Compass user manual, video tutorials, and other materials to help you get started.
ZYTO technology relies upon biocommunication principles and concepts that provide users with deeper insight and information when making decisions related to health and wellness. On a basic level, ZYTO technology is designed to energetically interact with your body and then analyze your body’s specific responses. Visit the How It Works page to learn more.
No. Duplication is a foundational principle of the scientific method, but for a test or experiment to return the same result, the same inputs must be maintained. Due to the scientific principle known as the Observer Effect (closely related to Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle), the starting condition of any wave-based field is unavoidably altered when it is measured. Subsequent measurements will return different results due to the effect of the first measurement. The body’s energy field is a wave-based system and therefore changed by the energetic measurement taken during a ZYTO scan. A second scan will be of a new energy pattern and will therefore return a new result. For this reason, the first scan is the most accurate. After a scan, we suggest using the recommended products for at least three weeks before being scanned again. Click to read more about the Observer Effect.
In order to receive the most accurate results on subsequent scans a person should wait at least three weeks before getting scanned a second time, allowing time for the body to respond to any adjustments in supplementation. The average client can be scanned every three to six weeks, although many users prefer about once per month.
Choosing the “All Products” button means all of the available products will be included in the scan to effectively bring the biomarkers into balance. It does not guarantee the report will give you an even mix of both oils and supplements. The ZYTO Compass software will let you know the products your body showed the strongest preference for without taking into account whether they are oils or supplements. If you would like to limit the library of products used as balancers, you can limit the product library by choosing a specific category before the scan. The “All Products” button will include all available products in the library. Other buttons like “Essential Oils” will limit the library to include only those categorized products.
The Compass evaluates 76 biomarkers related to various vital body parts and functions and purposely doesn’t identify which biomarkers correspond to which body part. ZYTO does identify specific biomarkers in our professional software offerings. These offerings are sold exclusively to qualified and licensed practitioners. To learn more about ZYTO Professional software, vist ZYTO.com.
Yes. For small children it may be difficult to establish a connection with the ZYTO Hand Cradle. You want to make sure that skin contact is made with all six of the contact points on the Hand Cradle. If the child’s hand cannot cover all of the contact points with their hand, you can use both of the child’s hands or you can place the Hand Cradle on the abdomen of the child. It is also safe for pregnant women, people with pace makers, or other medical pieces.
ZYTO support technology provides general wellness information, including information about biological coherence. The diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions should only be undertaken by qualified medical professionals. The ZYTO Compass should not be used in the diagnosis, cure, treatment, mitigation, or prevention of any disease or other medical condition.
Yes, the Hand Cradle was cleared by the FDA as a Class II medical device in 2011 for the measurement of galvanic skin response.
Please review the system requirements to be sure that you have a compatible computer. You can view your computers specifications by clicking Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Information.
The Compass software is not Apple Mac compatible and only runs on Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10. Some Mac users have successfully installed Windows on their Mac computer via an emulation program and run the Compass using the Windows OS. ZYTO considers this a workaround and does not guarantee it will work or offer support on systems using this workaround. Many have found that purchasing an inexpensive laptop specifically for the Compass is a good option. This will allow you to share your Compass-specific computer with others as a business-building tool without worrying about the exposure of your personal information and photos that are stored on your primary computer. Be sure to review the minimum computer system requirements for the Compass Software.
Visit our Software Download page to download the file and review installation instructions.
Yes, you can install the software on two separate computers. Please be aware that you can only be logged into the software on one computer at a time. Here are the instructions to install the software in a second computer and how to then switch back and forth between both computers. (Note, an Internet connection is needed to both release the license and then claim it on a different computer.)
  1. Release your Compass license from your original computer. To do so, open your Compass software on your original computer, go to Administrative Settings, click Release License. The program will then close.
  2. You can now install the Compass software on the second computer. Review the installation instructions on the Software Download page.
The software will operate with or without an Internet connection. However you will need to be connected to the Internet for the initial download of the software. You are also required to synchronize your Compass software at least every 30 days, which requires an Internet connection. Synchronizing happens automatically when you launch the Compass software while connected to the internet.
If forgotten, your password can easily be reset from ZYTOcompass.com. In the top menu click Sign In, and then Reset Password and follow the instructions. If you need help resetting your username please contact Technical Support.
There may be several reasons clients aren’t receiving your emailed reports. Typically the client’s email is sending the email into the junk mail folder. Ask your client to look in their junk email folder for the report email. To avoid this in the future have your client add your email address to their email contact list. You may also want to double check that you have input the client’s email address correctly. To verify a client’s email go to Main Menu > Clients > My Clients. Search for the client in the Search Field and in the results, click the client’s name to access their profile. The client’s email address should appear in the center column. If you need to make any changes to the email click Edit Info. When you are finished updating their email address click Save.
You may need to adjust the settings in your email before the software can send emails. You can do this by going to Main Menu > Administrative Settings > Email Settings. If you need additional assistance, please contact Technical Support.
Subscriber is required to sync software at least every thirty (30) days, at which time installation database is encrypted and backed up to a secured server and software is updated if updates are available. If you have encountered this message please contact Technical Support.
This error message can mean one of two things:
  1. Your monthly subscription is on hold or did not renew. Contact Account Services to reactivate your account.
  2. Your account is active but you have the software installed on two computers and the license is already claimed on the other computer. Simply release the license from the other computer. From the Main Menu click Administrative Settings > Release License. This releases the license in the system and you’ll be able to log into the other computer.
Yes. The original owner of the Compass needs to send an e-mail to Account Services confirming they authorize the transfer. They will receive a Transfer Agreement that the new owner will complete and return. The new owner will then be charged a transfer fee of $150.00 US and first month’s subscription fee of $39.95 US for a total cost of $189.95 US. Transfers are processed Monday – Thursday during normal business hours and take one business day to complete from the time all required information and payments are received
Yes. You will need to fill out a Transfer Agreement and pay a transfer fee of $150.00 US. Please contact Account Services to have the transfer agreement emailed to you. Transfers are processed Monday – Thursday during normal business hours and take one business day to complete from the time all required information and payments are received.
The Hand Cradle measures galvanic skin response (GSR) to gage your body’s responses to various Virtual Items. Visit ZYTO.com to learn more about GSR and read about the practical benefits.
To get a good connection with the Hand Cradle try the following:
  1. Dry hands can be moistened by running them under warm water and then drying them so they remain slightly damp. If a connection is still difficult, you can also moisten a paper towel and lay it on the Hand Cradle before your client places their hand on it.
  2. Cold hands can be warmed by the above method or by clapping together and rubbing vigorously for several seconds.
  3. Lotion can act as an insulator. If your client has lotion on have them first wash with warm water and soap. If the above methods fail, please contact Technical Support for further assistance.
You can use a damp wash cloth, cleaning wipe, or alcohol wipe to gently clean the Hand Cradle. Clean the Hand Cradle after each scan or as you see necessary. The Hand Cradle should be dry before proceeding with a scan.
The ZYTO Compass Referral Program allows you to refer the Compass system to potential purchasers and receive a $100.00 US referral bonus for each subsequent sale.
No, but you do need to contact our account service team at info@ZYTOcompass.com or by calling 801-919-3813. They will help you create a referral account for free.
Follow these steps to join the referral program:
  1. Sign in to your ZYTO Compass dashboard
  2. On the Referral Program page, enter the required information
  3. Click Submit
  4. After submitting, you will see your new referral link. BE SURE YOU GIVE PEOPLE YOUR LINK SO THEY CAN PURCHASE ONLINE AND YOU GET CREDIT. The fastest way for your referrals to order is through your link. Your referrals may also call the Sales Team to order over the phone.
You will need to provide your basic contact information, Tax ID information, and bank-account information.
Similar to your network-marketing business, ZYTO will send you a 1099 tax form if you make more than $600 US in referral bonuses during the fiscal year.
Yes, you may refer as many people as you want. There is no limit.
You will receive an email confirmation immediately after someone uses your link to place their order. The $100.00 US referral bonus is sent to you within 1-2 weeks from the date of the order.
Not on your first purchase. But you will get $100.00 US on any additional Compass systems you purchase for yourself or others.
You can still get credit if a person you referred bought a Compass without using your link (or anyone else’s link). Have them contact Compass Account Services within 90 days of the purchase date to confirm that you referred them.
Yes, you can charge for performing scans and are encouraged to do so. Charging for scans adds value to the process as well as your products and helps cover the cost of your monthly subscription
Sign in online. From the side menu click Billing > Edit. Update your credit card information and click Save. If you prefer, you can also contact Account Services to update your billing information
ZYTO adheres to strict privacy policies and as such is unable to provide customer contact information. However, a search on the Internet can often result in finding a practitioner in your area that uses ZYTO technology.